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Megh N. Sharma


The founder of our organization M. N Sharma has been more than just a originator to us. He has worked hard from day one and we are proud to stand where we are today, due to his endeavour, support and invariable hard work. Back in the year 2010 when Sharma Technology was just a dream, he ensured and toiled hard in making this dream turn to a reality. With work experience of more than 10 years, we get to learn so much from him about the nitty-gritty’s of IT field and how to run the business prolifically, every single day.

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Priyanka Sharma


Having more than 5 years of experience in MBA field, Priyanka has definitely been a strong stepping stone for Sharma Technology. Being young and a confident co-founder, she instills the zest to work better and positively face every obstacle with positivity and self-assurance. We feel proud to have a co-founder as her, who makes us believe that hard work does spotlight character of each person and that we all have something unique to give out to the world around us.

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Roushan Kumar

Client Relation Manager

With more than 3 years of experience in MBA and the Client Relation of our firm, Roushan Kumar has helped us understand the corporate hierarchy better. He keeps the work culture on a constructive note and believes constant effort and hard work, never lets you down. Young at heart and an inspiration for us, Roushan’s experience in the HR field has been quite much of a support for us all. We strive to learn so much from him and are ever thankful to him for his time.

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Ayesha Parween

Content Developer

Ayesha has been writing for the past 10 years with a good amount of exposure in PR and Journalism. Whatever genre it is, she is here to scribble through and come out fulfilling the requirements of what our clients need. She has worked for a flotilla of companies in the past 7 years and still heads strong to come out with creative piece of work. As they say, rolling stones, never gather moss, yet contrary to this, she has gathered tons of knowledge and discovers ways to deliver the best of work across to our clients.

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Rijit Kumar

Marketing Consultant

Rijit Sharma is an MCA Graduate and the Digital Marketing Consultant of Sharma Technology. He has been an SEO / SEM Expert with over 5 years of experience and this is definitely his genre. He administers the overall Digital Marketing Strategies for our various clients and his primary aim is to establish a successful online presence be it for any kind of business small business, a huge business, or a start-up business. He understands the needs of every client and help us work and grow together as a budding family.

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Gautam Kumar

Web Developer

We are proud to declare the name of Gautam kumar, who has to a huge extent worked hard and toiled day and night, for the significant escalation and gradual growth of Sharma Technology. Be anytime of the day, he is prepared to face all circumstances and is readily welcoming challenges with open arms. Be it boosting our employees or applying guidelines and focus on any project, Gautam Kumar’s effort and endeavor to reach the top and be the best in the industry, is truly commendable and deserving of praise.

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Vikash Kamal

Digital Marketing Professional

Vikash is a SEO Executive and definitely the driving zeal of our Company. He has been highly proactive in every assignment which our company partakes and believes in working collectively as a team as every little bit of help helps the company to groom and nurture productively.